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Three Tips To Sell Your House Fast!

7 Jul , 2011  

There is no doubt that the housing market is improving.  But there are still lots of great homes just sitting on the market and not getting the showings they should.  Here are three things you really need to make sure you have to get that house sold!

1- Get a good Real Estate Agent.  Just because you have a “friend” that does it part time doesn’t mean they will get your house sold.  You need an agent who is dedicated and focused on doing everything they can to sell your house.  And make sure you take their advise- remember they are the professional.

2- Get a Home Staging company involved. An empty house is just that… EMPTY!  Don’t take this the wrong way, but a professional may be able to tell you what furniture in your home is dated and keeping people from liking your home.  You like your house how it is decorated, prospective buyers may not.  Let them make your house look great for showings so you can get an offer and contract!

3- Use a professional photographer.  If someone sees a bad picture of your house, what makes you think they will want to come and see it?  First impressions are everything and a bad picture is not worth a thousand words.  You may want to go a step further and get a video your of your home done.  When done correctly a video your can showcase your home in a great way, and even help your real estate agent in bringing quality interested buyers to showings where they have a better chance of closing the deal for you!

With the right agent, great staging, and quality pictures and video, your home will have a “sold” sign sitting in front of your house in no time.

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