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Life Insurance Q&A 101:

29 Apr , 2011  

Question: Why do I need life insurance?

Answer: To protect your loved ones from financial hardship and complete financial ruins

Question:  I can’t afford life insurance.

Answer: Yes you can! We can work with any budget (some life insurance is better than not having any life insurance at all!)

Question: How can I afford life insurance when I lost my job?

Answer: How bad would it be for your family if you die and have no life insurance? If you are in a bad situation now just imagine how bad it will be for them if you don’t have any life insurance? We can work with you to help you obtain life insurance! more!


News and Tips

Convert an existing primary home to a rental property

31 Mar , 2011  

Did you find your dream house before selling your existing home? Are you hesitant to put your house on the market now because of reduced appraisal values? There are several ways to turn your current home into a rental property and qualify for another Conforming home mortgage ($417,000 or less).

1) If you have 30% equity (per recent appraisal) in the current home and want the rental income to help offset your debt, you need a 2 yr history (per tax returns) of managing rental property. Your lender will ask for a copy of the fully signed rental agreement, security deposit and deposit of security deposit to your account. You’ll need to have at least 2 months of the total payments (PITI) of both the rental and new home in reserves (in addition to what you will need to close on the new home). more!

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