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Randy Smith of Synchronicity explains the impact of social media and “selfies”

27 Mar , 2014  

Randy Smith, CRESN president and the owner of Synchronicity Web Designs, a Charlotte-based web development company, recently addressed the CRESN members about the power of social media, both positive and negative.

Using examples of how social media can be utilized to either boost or hurt a company’s online reputation, Randy explained the immediate impact of what we do as businesses and how social media has created an instant review and opinion platform across the web. Welcome to the world of social media where 140 characters can cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation — and bottom line — in seconds flat. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — each one is a digital grapevine, letting consumers air their grievances to millions with the single click of a mouse.

Sometimes the truth is what we all need as business owners to keep us always doing the best job that we can. Other times, it’s not so serious and photo opps can turn into group “selfies”. Eat your heart out Ellen D!



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