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Kevin Kreppein of Trip Gear (former ESPN Director) speaks about the TripGear Comfort System®.

15 Oct , 2016   Video

Former ESPN Director Kevin Kreppein and his wife Nancy recently spoke to the CRESN membership about their exciting new travel comfort system called TripGear.

TripGear is the first product that allows you to rest fully and comfortably while seated upright.

For over a century, travelers have been tinkering with pillows and eye masks, hoping to find a better solution to sleeping on the move. Advances in technology and sleep science have allowed TripGear to develop the first and best solution for a restful, deep sleep while sitting.

Based on feedback from licensed chiropractors and avid travelers, the Comfort System by TripGear is designed to provide restful, restorative sleep in less-than-ideal conditions. The system utilizes the traveler’s own body weight, supporting sleep with a headband, arm hammock, and neck pillow sleeve that attaches to almost any standard neck pillow.

The Comfort System is made in the U.S. and completely machine washable. Made from flexible bamboo fabric, the headband in particular is both soft and imparts cooling/warming properties that regulate travelers’ body temperature. The entire system connects through clips and magnets and attaches easily to luggage for hands-free travel. Accessories such as a travel blanket and shoulder strap are sold separately for modular customization.

Soon TripGear’s Kickstarter campaign will begin, which will allow anyone to get discounted comfort systems by simply supporting the campaign.

TRIPGEAR is a North Carolina-based company specializing in tech-forward travel solutions. Like the Comfort System, all its products are designed with savvy travelers in mind. For more information on TripGear’s current projects, visit or the brand’s Facebook page.

Kevin spent over 20 years as a director at ESPN. He directed such shows as SportsCenter, ESPN News, ESPNEWS Hot List , and Golf Central. You can read about Kevin on his IMDb page here.

Thank you Kevin and Nancy for a wonderful presentation!





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