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Identity Theft

23 Jun , 2011  

A few steps may help reduce your chance of becoming an Identity Theft victim!
1. Check on Credit/Debt cards statements daily- if possible twice a day is even better!
2. When possible, go in the bank to make cash withdrawals, but if you have to withdraw money from an ATM then do the following. Shake the slot were you slide your card; if the slot moves do not slide your card in. Put your hand over the keypad while typing your pin number.
3. Run an annual free credit report from all 3 major reporting agencies but split getting the reports in 4 months alternating the reporting agencies.
4. Children 14 and younger should also have an annual credit report obtained as they are often victims.
5. Identity Theft is not only going to affect your credit but it could also affect you with criminal acts.
6. If your insurance company offers any kind of Identity protection, make sure it is added to the policy. State Farm’s Identity Restoration only cost $25.00 a year. You are assigned a case manager that will help you every step of the way.
7. Identity Restoration does not pay the debt but it will help cover the cost of attorneys and other expenses coming from someone taking your identity.

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