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Experience Corporate Team Building in Charlotte with Exit Strategy

22 Oct , 2016   Video

Jay and Mylene from Exit Strategy recently spoke to CRESN  about the exciting team-building programs their company  offers to Charlotte businesses.

Exit Strategy is THE solution for your next team building event. Check out the video of the Panther’s 2015 rookies escaping!

Escape scenarios are a fantastic way for colleagues to experience team building and at Exit Strategy, we are the experts! As one of the oldest and largest escape rooms in the country, we have hosted hundreds of companies, large and small, both local and international and with 2 team building options to choose from, we have what your looking for. Whether you want to play “Just for Fun” or you are looking to “Boost your Game“, read below and download the documents to get more information.

If you would like to treat your staff to a great time,this is the solution! Any scenario will challenge their teamwork and communication skills. And under the pressure of time, you’ll see true colors come out if you’re in the room with them! We have 6 escape scenarios to choose from and can accommodate groups of up to 54 participants who can play at the same time.

Escaping from the themed rooms requires keen problem-solving skills as well as a group of two to ten people—depending on the room—that can communicate efficiently while working together to find new clues. Each uncovered clue places teams one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal: unlock the door and flee the room before the countdown ends. Success may earn the group a place on Exit Strategy’s wall of fame, although failure may inspire a repeat visit to try again.

Exit Strategy is the country’s largest Escape Room location, and right here in Charlotte NC. For more information call 704-837-0515 or visit their website.

Thank you Jay and Mylene for a wonderful presentation!





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