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Treating the Customer Right

7 Mar , 2012  

After 13 years of being in the web development business, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of projects . Most of our clients continue to be regular customers for many years. In fact, we still have our very first customer as a client. And many of our projects come via referrals from other clients.

Now I don’t proclaim to be an expert on customer service. I’ve never written a book on the subject nor do I give teach classes on service etiquette. However I do know that whatever our team is doing in terms of service seems to be working pretty darn well. more!

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TIME Magazine Ranks Top 50 iPhone Apps; What’s Your Favorite?

1 Mar , 2012  

Find My iPhone helps you keep track of your device, ShopSavvy tells you where the deals are, and Dragon Go! will recommend the best local hotspots.

These are just the first three apps on TIME magazine’s “50 Best iPhone Apps of 2012” list, released last week.

Browse the full list to see which apps you may be missing on your iPhone. And report back on what app you think is missing from the list (iPhone or otherwise!).

Here are some of the other apps on the TIME list:

  1. Weather Underground (superlocalized forecasts)
  2. Kayak (travel planner)
  3. GasBuddy (lowest local pump prices)
  4. Angry Birds (addicting game)
  5. MapQuest 4 Mobile (navigation)
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Use Technology to Your Advantage!

29 Feb , 2012  

The other day a real estate agent said to me “I don’t see the benefit of doing a video of a house I am trying to sell”.  I almost fell on the floor.  This person had an iPhone in their pocket, an iPad in their hands and a bluetooth in their ear.  I took a deep breath before I continued our conversation.

I told him that a recent survey showed that 25% of all Americans watch videos on their phone.  I told him Apple sold 40 million iPads in 2011.  I told him YouTube streams 5.5 billion videos a month… in the US ALONE!  I also told him that a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors showed that 82% of all home buyers begin their search online. more!

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January Pending Home Sales Rise, Market on Uptrend

28 Feb , 2012  

Pending home sales are on an upward trend, which has been uneven but meaningful since reaching a cyclical low last April, and are well above a year ago, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

Source: National Association of Realtors, Washington, DC, February 27, 2012

We are now seeing buyers taking advantage of low interest rates and low home prices.  This trend is expected to continue into early summer. 

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“Real Value in this Market” says RE/MAX CEO

24 Feb , 2012  

“We’re pleasantly surprised to see the year end with such strong sales, and hope this trend will continue into the traditional spring selling season,”said Margaret Kelly, CEO of RE/MAX, LLC. “This December jump may be due to increased investor involvement and transactions that were scheduled to occur before the end of the year, but with prices at or very near the bottom and historically low interest rates, consumers are finding real value in this market.

RE/MAX National Housing Report, Jan. 2012 more!