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Charlotte plumber Paul Mesiti provides water tips for cold weather

25 Jan , 2013  

Member Paul Mesiti does his thing!

Member Paul Mesiti recently educated the CRESN group about the services that his business 1 Call Plumbing provides, but also used his quick wit and sense of humor to make valves and hoses fun.

Water expands when it freezes. Winter temperatures can freeze the water that is trapped in the outside faucets and pipe connections. If you live in a region where temperatures go below freezing in the winter, then your outside water faucets risk being damaged if they are not drained prior to the winter. In some cases, this can damage the faucet or cause the pipe burst in the wall.  You can prevent water damage to your home by winterizing your outside faucets each fall. Turning off the water supply to your outside faucets is the best way to prevent this problem. more!

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CRESN’s “Show and Tell” is fun for all

16 Nov , 2012  

Member Mike Powers brought his lovely wife Maria and son Evan as his show and tell!

Networking is about trust and familiarity.

That said, in order to establish a tighter bond and understanding of each of our members, we recently asked each member to bring in a personal item to share with the group. The goal of this exercise was to allow each member to share something that had significant meaning in their life.

Members brought in everything from sentimental photos to their families. And most everyone had a wonderful story to share that brought the group closer together.

Who would have known that member Jordan Tabor was a paramedic in his career prior to becoming an excellent handyman? Or Dan Hood’s grandfather was a coal miner in the rolling hills of Kentucky? more!

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CRESN Visitor Day is a hit!

26 Oct , 2012  

The CRESN VIsitor Day attendees show their spirit!

Our Charlotte Real Estate Services Network (CRESN) group recently held our annual autumn “Visitor Day” in which all members invited a guest to attend a meeting and learn more about our networking group. The turn out was excellent and, in the traditional CRESN way, much fun for all.

Each guest was treated to breakfast and had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business. The purpose of the event was two-fold. First, we wanted to introduce potential new members to learn about our group and what we have to offer. Secondly, our goal was to bring attention to how our group can help homeowners, sellers, buyers, as well as the community. more!

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Charlotte cleaning service “A Mother’s Touch” is just what your house needs

29 Sep , 2012  

Todd Benson, owner of A Mother’s Touch Cleaning Service, presents to the CRESN group

Todd Benson, owner of A Mother’s Touch Cleaning Service, provided CRESN with a presentation to help educate the members about the wonderful cleaning services that his company provides. From House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and brand new to “A Mother’s Touch”, “Green Improvements and Organizational Projects, you can count on Todd and his team for all your cleaning service needs.

“A Mother’s Touch” Cleaning Service is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction Every Time. We strive to exceed your expectations Every Time. Our proven method of cleaning makes certain we leave your home sparkling clean Every Time. You should expect a thorough, consistent and green clean Every Time. Our 100% guarantee is simple, but nobody cleans like Mom does, Every Time. more!

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Charlotte home stager Carol Smith prepares your house for sale

14 Sep , 2012  

Creative Home Stager’s founder Carol Smith

Carol Smith, the founder of Creative Home Stagers, recently provided an excellent presentation to the CRESN group on the benefits of having an accredited professional stage your home for sale. Using a collection of before and after pictures of recently staged homes, Carol was able to show the wonderful benefits that home staging provides to both the seller and buyer.

Did you know that 94% of professionally staged homes sell on average of 29 days or less, compared to non-staged homes?

“Home staging” is the act of preparing a home, condo, or other property for sale in the real estate marketplace. Home staging is not a new term, but for many Charlotte homeowners and real estate agents the concept of “professional home staging” is shedding new light on how to promote a home in the real estate marketplace. more!

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CRESN rocks the Charlotte Home Show

28 Aug , 2012  

Andre Campos of CRESN (Carolina’s Stone, Marble & Granite, Inc.) happily mans the booth at the Southern Ideal Home Show

The CRESN membership joined forces to present a “one-stop” professional home services booth at the Southern Ideal Home Show here in Charlotte on Friday August 24 – Sunday August 26.

The booth, which included samples of the various members trades and services, also provided live demonstrations and tips on how to do home improvement tasks from properly hammering a shingle to correctly using a paintbrush.

The Southern Ideal Home Show is the largest fall event for homeowners to meet experts face-to-face for ideas, information and everything they need for building, remodeling, landscaping, decorating projects and more all in one place. more!

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