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The Statement of Privacy Policy of CRESN.net and Synchronicity Web Designs, LLC

At CRESN.net, we are committed to creating a safe and inviting environment where businesses and professionals can nurture, grow, and support each other’s needs, aspirations, and dreams. Please read the following privacy statement carefully.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to the CRESN.net site coordinator by sending an email to: members@CRESN.net and writing “Privacy Statement” in the subject line.

What is CRESN.net

CRESN.net (Charlotte Real Estate Services Network) is a business network of hand-selected individuals and businesses with the main purpose of creating a professional environment whereby members of the group can share information, tips, and services with other members. The concept of CRESN.net was created by Synchronicity Web Designs, LLC and is subject to copyrights. Members are chosen and voted upon by the current members based upon their ability to provide high-quality services in their specific industry, contribution to the and their professional reputation. Members are required to follow guidelines set by the group to maintain their membership. CRESN.net and Synchronicity Web Designs, LLC does not endorse any content, viewpoints, products or services contained on the profiles, the forums, or linked from them, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Any person or entity relying on such information posted by a member on our site, or as a result of interaction with a person or entity connected to the profile, its links or its company, do so at their own risk.


Interactions with Members

CRESN.net and Synchronicity Web Designs, LLC posts profiles of our members on which they provide business and personal information, and may include links to other web sites. Information on those profiles is provided solely by the members. In addition, members may take part in private online forums and post tips and articles. CRESN.net and Synchronicity Web Designs, LLC does not endorse any content, viewpoints, products or services contained on the profiles, the forums, or linked from them, and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Any person or entity relying on such information posted by a member on our site, or as a result of interaction with a person or entity connected to the profile, its links or its company, do so at their own risk. In addition, certain businesses or professions are subject to regulation by governmental or industry authorities which may require special approvals or the issuing of a license to do business. Questions relating to whether a member is duly authorized or licensed should be directed to the authority responsible for regulating that business or profession.


The CRESN.net name, brand and image cannot be used by any person or entity unless first receiving written authorization from CRESN.net corporate office in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. No photo, audio, video or text appearing on the site may be used without first receiving written authorization from CRESN.net.

Social Media

CRESN.net connects to certain social media sites via links. Doing so does not endorse those sites or anything contained on them, nor any business or person on these sites. Upon linking to one of these social media sites you are subject to the terms and conditions of that web site, including but not limited to its privacy policy. It is your responsibility to review their policies and to confirm that you understand and agree to them.

How We Collect Information

Many of the ways in which you interact with our site allow us to learn more about you. We collect and store statistics and other information about the online activities of our visitors on an aggregated (collective) basis. For example, we track the number of people who view each page to learn which features are the most popular. But in these, and almost all other instances, we do not obtain personally identifiable information about you.

In those instances where we do collect personally identifiable information, you have the option of choosing to reveal it to us or to one of our vendors on CRESN.net. In the event of a complaint, we may also receive personally identifiable information about you from other parties on CRESN.net or from other users or third parties who may communicate information to us about you in relation to that complaint.

How We Use and Disclose Your Information

As a general practice, we do not sell your personally identifiable information to third parties. So, for example, we do not sell your email addresses or your name and personal demographic information to mass marketers. However, on particular pages where we ask for your personally identifiable information, we may explicitly tell you that the data we are collecting on that page will be shared with third parties, in which case those disclosures shall override anything to the contrary in this policy. For example, before you submit answers to questions we ask in an advertiser-sponsored promotion, we will tell you that your answers will be shared with that advertiser.

We use your information on an aggregated basis to do such things as operate our site, enhance our site and sell and deliver advertising. We also use this data, both aggregated and personally identifiable, to enhance your on-site experience by displaying content and marketing messages that we believe will be of interest to you. We disclose aggregated information about our site to third parties.

Note that some online activities you choose to do necessarily lead to disclosure of your personally identifiable information to third parties, such as when you include your name and email address in a postcard. In these cases, again, your choice to disclose personally identifiable information is voluntary.

In some cases, we use your personally identifiable information to provide information to you, such as to send site updates and event information to you that you request or to personalize the site in accordance with your requests.

Use of Your Photo & Video Image, Audio and Name

CRESN.net creates a variety of marketing campaigns, programs and videos, photos images and/or audio of our local, national and international events. Attendees at an CRESN.net event, or of any of our subsidiaries, e.g. CRESN.net workshop, network gathering, may be featured as part of our campaigns and programs. Therefore, when attending such an event, you grant us permission to video, photograph and audio tape you during the event. You further grant us rights to publish and broadcast your video, photograph or audio through any commercial device, website, and broadcast media in existence today and the future, and understand that no compensation will be paid you. You further agree that we owe no compensation to you for using your video, photo image and or audio of your voice.

By becoming a member of CRESN.net or by attending an CRESN.net event as a non-member, you are agreeing to give us permission to publish any video, photo or audio of you during any CRESN.net events. These video, photo and audio captures may or may not include your name, and they may be sold to third parties.

Privacy of Children

CRESN.net understands that children and young adults need special safeguards and privacy protection. These young people may not understand all the provisions of our policy or be able to make well-informed decisions about the choices available to our adult users. We believe our success is not only defined by our ability to bring you online services that make your life more convenient and enjoyable, but also by the steps we take to ensure that the interactive medium is available to everyone and guided by policies that make sense for families. In concert with our efforts, CRESN.net urges all parents to supervise their children’s exploration of the Internet and any online services, and to teach their children about protecting their personal information while online.

Cookies and Other Tracking Methods

Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your hard drive, not on our site. We use cookies or, in a limited number of cases, IP addresses for a number of reasons. First, cookies allow you to store your password without having to constantly re-enter it. Second, cookies can also help us to tailor a web site or a marketing message to better match your needs and interests. Third, cookies allow us to better understand how users use our site, which in turn helps us focus our resources on features that are most popular with our users. You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but some parts of our site may not work properly if you do.

Note: CRESN.net places advertising on our sites that originates from outside advertisers and/or advertising agencies. In some cases, if you click on or view these ads, a cookie may be assigned by the advertiser.

Other Sites

Please note that if you provide any information on your own or directly to parties who provide service to the CRESN.net, any members, or any other sites you encounter on the Internet (even if these sites are branded with our branding), different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of the personal information you disclose to them. We encourage you to investigate and ask questions before disclosing information to third parties.

Limits on Our Abilities

Although your privacy is very important to us, due to the existing legal regulatory and security environment, we cannot fully ensure that your private communications and other personally identifiable information will not be disclosed to third parties. The government or third parties under certain circumstances may intercept or access transmissions or private communications. Additionally, in the unlikely event we need to investigate or resolve possible problems or inquiries, we can (and you authorize us to do so) disclose any information about you to private entities, law enforcement or other government officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate.

Updates and Changes

We reserve the right to update or modify these terms by posting the update or modification on our site without any other notice. They will be effective immediately upon posting. The user is responsible for reviewing these terms periodically, to ensure continued agreement.

Security We use industry-standard efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information, such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layers where appropriate. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet.

We hope this policy clarifies our procedures regarding your personal information.