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8 Reasons to Stage Your Home

8 Feb , 2011  

8 Reasons why you need to stage your home

1.    It takes some of the emotion out of the sale and turns it into a business transaction – for both parties.

2.    Staged homes show better and are more visually appealing to buyers. Buyers can easily imagine living there, and may be mentally arranging  their own furniture while  touring the house.

3.    It makes a home look clean, well-maintained, contemporary rather than dated, and in tip-top shape

4.    Semi-empty closets, cabinets, and rooms look bigger and roomier, and having a few objects in place gives buyers a better idea of overall dimensions.

5.    Staged homes have better curb appeal and create good first impressions.

6.    Staging a home reveals any repairs that may be needed, and avoids shocks or costly repairs when the home inspection is done.

7.    Buying a home is an emotional event; a well-staged home appeals to sight, sound, touch, and smell in positive ways.

8.    Staging a home provides a memory hook for buyers – they might remember the floral centerpiece in your home long after they have forgotten the twenty other homes they viewed.

Be careful in selecting your home staging professional.  Not all home stager’s and staging companies are equal.  Hire a reputable staging company that has a proven track record with staging and selling houses.  Make sure the staging company you hire is insured.   If you are interested in selling your home, contact us, we have proven success in the industry and are fully insured and ready to help you sell your house quickly.
Carol Smith, ASP Stager

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