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5 Tips For An Effective Video

17 Mar , 2011  

Here are 5 tips to create an effective video to market your product or company:

1. Have a focus and a plan

Don’t just pick up a video camera and start filming.  Your video has to have a clear focus, so sit down and plan what it is you will use your video for.  Then come up with a “storyboard” of how your video will flow.  Your video needs to tell a story, and that takes thought and planning.

2. Highlight Value

If you are making a marketing video and you want the viewer to use your company or service, you must show them why it is a value to them.  Just showing them what your company does or what service you provide us just that- showing them.  Let them see why and how your product or service is better, show them why you are better.

3. Be Personable

Your customers use you for several reason, but the biggest one is YOU!  We live in an age of endless technology, but ultimately what people want is someone they can trust.  Be personable and show people who you are- you are your biggest asset!

4. Customer Testimonials

If you can get someone to give a testimonial in a video for you… DO IT!  A customer telling someone how great your service or company is, that’s priceless!  One of my first customers told their friends how much they loved our work, and I got 6 jobs from it!  Referrals are a big deal for most small businesses, so a viewers will listen to another customer’s testimonial about your company.

5. Use A Professional

Most people can buy a camcorder and film something, and the footage will look pretty good.  But do you really just want a “pretty good” video?  Then once you have the video footage you have to edit it, and that is time consuming.  If you want your video to look polished, sound great, and be effective you should bring in a professional who knows what they are doing.  Not only will they bring advice and experience to the table, but they can finish your video project in a fraction of the time it would take you.

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